Lisa Myers, mother of Harry, Year 9, CE Student from 2013

Impossible to put a price on seeing your 14 year old happy, engaged & eager to head off each day to solve the next set of robotics challenges at Club Engineer.

Sonia Greguol, mother of Oscar, Year 5, CE Student from 2014

What a great way to spend the school holidays, immersed in education and teamwork in a way that makes it so much fun they don't even realize it is good for them - a learning they can carry into every other part of their life.

William Armstrong, One of Club Engineers’s first students (2009) , Now year 11.

A fantastic opportunity for young people to build lego contraptions and learn how to turn them into a robot. I personally found the programming part challenging but really enjoyed the building and the problem solving aspects of Club Engineer. The competition element of Robotics makes it even more fun, pitting your teams robot against other schools to complete tasks./p>

Chelsea Wright – Learning Resources Leader, Sunbury VIC, 2015

Peter's expertise, patience and gentle humour guided me through two intensive professional development sessions, bringing me from an absolute beginner stage, to a point where I was able to plan a 10 week introductory robotics programme for our year 8 – 9 students. In particular, a Library Manager of a very large secondary school, I am aware of the value that Peter's knowledge can add to school libraries.

New and emerging technologies are an increasingly important part of the ongoing evolution of school libraries into collaborative and active learning hubs. Initiatives such as makerspaces continue to gain popularity, and librarians need to look to people like Peter for instruction and guidance. The incorporation of robotics into my student engagement strategy, is an exciting step; one I would have struggled to take without Peter's advice.

Anna Brazier, mother of Raphy, Primary, CE Student 2016

I can't thank you enough for all the beautiful work you have done with Raph so far. As you know he has had a ball and loves the never ending challenges of the program that you have set up with robotics at Club Engineer. I have been so thrilled to see him work hard and make great progress and to get to know you as well.

How cool is it that he wants to do Robotic home work when he's sick!

Anna Brazier

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