Robocup Rescue Supplies in Victoria

Rescue Field Equipment in Victoria

The rescue field specification used in Victoria is here.

You will have to assemble the rescue field yourself, but before you start, be sure to contact Evan, Chair of Robocup Victoria for advise.

The tile images can be downloaded and printed from the PDFs here.

The national rescue pratice mat can be purchased from MTA here.

The components you will need to assemble include:

  • Field images glued onto backing
  • Bridge
  • See-Saw
  • Speed Bumps
  • Water Tower
  • Chemical Tanks (Silver Cans)
  • 4x 90mm Elevator Blocks
  • 4x 180mm Elevator Blocks
  • 4x 270mm Elevator Blocks
  • Open Rescue Block
  • Small Gate
  • Large Gate

It will take a skilled person about 8 hours of work in a well equiped workshop to prepare the rescue field set.

Make sure you contact Evan before you start for advise on how to produce a Victorian compliant field set.

Buying an EV3 for Rescue

The EV3 Educational kit can be purchased from Modern Teaching Aids here.

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