Robocup Junior Australia | Rescue

Club Engineer resources for mentors and students working towards solving the Robocup Rescue challenge.

Getting started with Lego Mindstorms NXT & NXT-G
Work through these talk-throughs if you are new to the Lego Mindstorms & NXT-G.

Topics include: Installing NXT-G; Moving around the screen; Drawing on the screen; Controling motors; Reading sensors; Loop & swtich blocks.
Robocup Rescue with Mindstorms NXT & NXT-G
These talk-throughs are for mentors and students wanting to
solve the Robocup Primary Rescue challenge.

Competitors in Secondary and Open Rescue should start here if they have not competed previously.
Robocup Rescue Rules in Victoria
The Robocup Rescue rules that are used in Victoria.
Robocup Rescue Classroom Posters
Free classroom posters for:
   * Riley Rover Rescue;
   * Primary Rescue
   * Secondary Rescue
   * Advanced Rescue.

Download and print yourself for free, or contact us and we will post to you at cost.
Robocup Rescue Field Ideas
Some Robocup Rescue field ideas from past competitions in Victoria.
Robocup Rescue with the EV3 and EV3-G
A single talk-through that explains the Club Engineer line following and turn hint algorithm as implemented with EV3.
Club Engineer Cheat Sheets
Club Engineer cheat sheets contain fragments of code to get you started with difficult concepts, as well as links to external resources you may find useful. There are cheat sheets for Arduino, C, EV3 Basic, HTML, CSS, JavaScript and PHP as well as Pascal.
Robocup Rescue NXT - Data Driven Calibration
A good line following robot will be calibrated at the start of each line following run, however this can become tedious if calibration values have to be manually measured, calculated, then compiled into the robot's code.

This series of talk-throughs show how to build a data driven calibration system for a NXT line following robot.

Note: This is an advanced concept.
Build ideas for Riley Rover Rescue
Some build ideas by Evan to help you get started with Riley Rover Rescue using EV3.
Build ideas for Primary Rescue
Some build ideas by Peter to help you get started with Primary Rescue using NXT.

These build instructions are used in the CE Primary Rescue talk-through videos.
Build ideas for Secondary Rescue
A couple of Secondary Rescue build ideas from past Club Engineer students.
Build ideas for Open Rescue
Some build ideas for Open Rescue from past Club Engineer students.
Introduction to programming the NXT with C
Once you have mastered the Rescue algorithm using the graphical Lego language, you can move onto coding the NXT with C.

This talk-through will introduce you to the structure of a NXC (Not Exactly C) program. You can then move onto coding the Rescue algorithm.
Where to Buy your Rescue Equipment
Mentoring students towards the Robocup Rescue competition requires some hardware. You can buy the robotic kits from a number of suppliers. You can make the rescue field, or buy it ready made through Evan. This page explains how to get started.
Robocup Rescue Mentor Workshop Notes
The Victorian Robocup organizing committee run mentor workshops to help you get started. These notes are from an earlier workshop an summarise everything you need to get up and running.
Stay Up To Date: Club Engineer News Letter
The Club Engineer news letter is emailed out once a month during competition season, and about every second month during the off season. We include information about Robocup, updates about the free, online material produced by Club Engineer, and some interesting articles on developments in technology. You can subscribe here.

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