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Mindstorms NXT: Introduction to NXT-G Programming


NXT-G is the programming tool that comes with the Lego Mindstorms NXT robotics kit.

In this serious of programming talk-throughs we will cover the basics of programming with NXTG including:

  • Installing NXT-G
  • Getting around the NXT-G screen
  • The Lego Mindstorms processor (or NXT-Brick)
  • Programming with NXT-G blocks to control the NXT screen, motors & sensors
  • Loop blocks
  • Switch blocks

At the end of these talk-throughs we will have covered the basics and be ready to build and program a robot that will move around the room.

Talk-through #1 - Building a security alarm for your bedroom - What it will look like when finished

Talk-through #2a - Installing NXT-G (Retail kit)

Talk-through #2b - Installing NXT-G (Educational kit)

Talk-through #3 - The NXT Brick

Talk-through #4 - The "Hello World" program

Talk-through #5 - Making "Hello World" Flash 3 times

Talk-through #6 - Making "Hello World" Flash forever (Introducing the loop block)

 Talk-through #7 - Change to say Intruder Detected

 Talk-through #8 - Add the Alarm Sound

Talk-through #9 - Build the Robot

Talk-through #10 - Add Flashing Lights

 Talk-through #11 - Start when someone comes close

Talk-through #12 - Stop When the Button is Pressed

Talk-through #13 - Flash and Beep Code Into a MyBlock

Talk-through #14 - Re-arm the alarm

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