Robocup Rescue - Creating a Self Calibrating Robot

Robocup Rescue - A Self Calibrating Line Following Robot

Why do these programming talk-throughs?

These programming talk-throughs are for (young) engineers who want to be as competitive as they can be in the RoboCup Rescue competition.

We assume you already know how to build and program a RoboCup Rescue robot, and want to improve the robot's accuracy under different competition conditions by adding 'data driven calibration'

A feature of the RoboCup Rescue robot is that it's light sensors must be calibrated to the conditions on day of the competition then the rescue program recompiled. A robot programmed with 'data driven calibration' can be re-calibrated every time it competes leading to more accurate line following.


The RoboCup Rescue competition is discussed here.

The source code we develop in these talk-throughs is here.

Talk-through #1 - Demo the system working

Talk-through #2 - Single sensor line follow program

Talk-through #3 - Calibrate single sensor

Talk-through #4 - Calibrate spread sheet

Talk-through #5 - Design discussion

Talk-through #6 - Working With Variables

Talk-through #7 - Working With Files

Talk-through #8 - Trapping a NXT Button Press

Talk-through #9 - Working With MyBlocks

Talk-through #10 - Completing the Calibration Program

Talk-through #11 - Completing the Line Following Program

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