Arduino for EV3 Cheat Sheet

About the Arduino EV3 Shield Cheat Sheet

The Arduino EV3 Shield cheat sheet contains links to necessary Arduino external resources.


Buy the Arduino EV3 Shield (

EV3 Shield User Guilde (download pdf from

The Arduino IDE (download from

EV3 Shield Arduino library files (on GitHub)

EV3 Shield Pins Used (download odt from

Source Code Fragments

Hello world   view   |   download

Button press   view   |   download

Flashing lights   view   |   download

Test the NXT touch sensor   view   |   download

Test the NXT light sensor   view   |   download

Test the NXT colour sensor detecting colour   view   |   download

Test the EV3 colour sensor detecting shades of grey   view   |   download

Test the EV3 colour sensor detecting colour   view   |   download

Test the EV3 infrared proximity sensor   view   |   download

Rotate a motor a fixed number of rotations   view   |   download

Rotate a motor until a touch sensor is pressed   view   |   download

Single sensor line follow   view   |   download

Read a switch   view   |   download

Blink a LED   view   |   download

Read a light dependent resistor (LDR)   view   |   download

Test the home made control board   view   |   download

EEPROM Read and write   view   |   download

Read and write a 10 bit integer into the 8 bit EEPROM   view   |   download

LDR Test framework - Which LDR is best for line following?   view   |   download

Club Engineer Light Weight Line Follow Bot v01   view   |   download

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