Cheat Sheets

Raspberry Pi with Python Cheat Sheet
Resources and code fragments to help you get started coding the Raspberry Pi with Python.
Python for EV3Dev Cheat Sheet
Resources and code fragments to help you get started coding the EV3 with EV3Dev and Python.
Arduino for EV3 Cheat Sheet
The Arduino EV3 Shield cheat sheet contains links to necessary Arduino external resources, as well as code fragments to get you started with basic tasks like reading a LDR, flashing a LED, reading a switch and running a Lego motor.
NXC Cheat Sheet
NXC - or 'Not Exactly C' is a C like language for programming the Lego Mindstorms NXT brick. This cheat sheet demonstrates some of the basic features of the language that will be useful for coding the Club Engineer Lego printer, and a Robocup Rescue robot.
EV3 Small Basic Cheat Sheet
EV3 Small Basic is an extenstion to the Microsoft Small Basic development tool. EV3 Basic is the easiest way to move from coding the EV3 with Lego's graphical language to text based coding. This cheat sheet has links to the necessary downloads, along with some code fragments to get you started.
HTML Cheat Sheet
Instructions on how to create a basic HTML page using a simple text editor such as Notepad or Notepad++
CSS Cheat Sheet
CSS is the formating language of the web. This cheat sheet introduces simple formatting including topics like where to place your CSS. How to format a paragraph and how to format the background of a page.
PHP and JavaScript Cheat Sheet
We have been exploring the best way to teach young coders HTML, CSS, PHP, MySQL and JavaScript. To a seasoned coder, these tools are our bread and butter, but to someone just starting out, here are many new concepts to be learnt.

Our goal is to design a series of projects that teach how to use these tools to build websites, and web applications.

We have been experimenting with several projects on small groups of students. When our ideas are clear and have been classroom tested, we will turn them into a series of online lectures.
Pascal Cheat Sheet
FreePascal with Lazarus are Club Engineer's tools of choice for teaching object oriented programming. This cheat sheet demonstrates basic file access necessary necessary for solving the Australian Informatics Olympiad problems.

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