Riley Rover Rescue | EV3 | Starter bot | Bill of Materials

To build the Riley Rover Rescue v01, you will need the following parts. You may have to use different colour beams to the ones pictured, however this will not alter the functionality of the completed robot.

Part Description Part Image Quantity Required
EV3 Brick 1
EV3 Large Motor 2
EV3 Colour Sensor 1
Cable (any length) 3
Wheel (Tyre and Hub) 2 Pairs
Rectangular Frame 2
5U Axle 2
Large Bush 2
7U Beam 1
9U Beam 2
3U Peg 14
2U Peg 18
3x5 Right Angle Beam 2
Half Axle 2U Peg 4
Axle End 3U Beam 2
3U Beam 4
4x6 45 Degree Beam 2
3U Axle 1





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