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To contact Peter about Club Engineer

Email: peter@clubengineer.org

We are not currently taking new students, but you may want to email Peter and ask to be put on our mailing list.

What we do

At Club Engineer we teach tech-savvy kids, teens and young adults robotics and game programming.

All our courses are available as free, online lessons. We also run after school and holiday programs for students from age ten to late teens.

We are here for tech-savvy children. We believe that the path to becoming a great Engineers does not start at age 19 when entering university, it starts at age 4 with blocks, wood scraps and Lego. For kids and teens with a passion for building and inventing, it can be tough getting started - at Club Engineer we can help.

There are two streams to choose from: 

  • Build and program robots: The Lego Mindstorms NXT is simple enough for a ten year old to build a dancing robot, but advanced enough for an adult to build a robot that will solve a Rubick's cube. Mindstorms is a wonderful engineering prototyping tool for all ages, with imagination, and knowing the basics there is not much you can't do. The problem is learning the basics...

  • Write your own computer games: Playing computer games is OK, but writing your own game to play, then distributing it to your friends is so much more fun. Pascal is available as both free and commercial tools and different version have been used in amazing systems for decades, for example, Skype was originally written in Pascal. In these courses we learn the basics of programming using a commercial language by coding programs like simple game or screen saver. This languages is tough - but once mastered, there is little limit to what can be achieved.

How we got started

Club Engineer was the idea of Peter back in 2008 when he worked with a group of four children at his kids primary school to help prepare them to enter the Robocup Junior competition.

About Peter

Peter spent his childhood in the family garage - building. It started with the usual lego and model train set but from the middle school years, progressed to ceramics. By age 16, Peter had build a scaled down ceramic production facility including clay processing, glaze manufacturing, ceramic forming and a working, full size kiln capable of reaching 1300deg C. After leaving school, things just kept getting better and better for Peter when he learnt that employers would pay to have complex mechanical problems solved. Peter has qualification Manufacturing Engineering and has worked in Ceramics in Australia and the UK. Peter has 20 years of experience in software development and is now moving out of corporate programming to share his passion for Engineering with children through creating Club Engineer.

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